Smooth Edges in Unity

Have you ever felt like your edges are jagged in Unity? Me too. It was especially noticeable to me when I started taking screenshots for these guides. Fortunately, there's a really easy solution using a post-processing image effect that comes with the Standard Asset pack.

Super Condensed Version

  • Import all of the Antialiasing assets from the Standard Assets package
  • Apply "Antialiasing.cs" to the Camera

1. First, go to Assets > Import Package > Effects

2. We don't need all of these, so un-check the first box to deselect all, then specify "Antialiasing.cs", "PostEffectsBase.cs", and the entire "_Antialiasing" folder.

3. Drag "Antialiasing.cs" onto your Main Camera. My favorite Technique from the drop-down box is FXAA1 Preset B.

4. Enjoy the smooth lines! Nice, right?

Before (no anti-aliasing)

After (with anti-aliasing)


Now go forth and make the virtual world a better place!