AI Flight Course Creation is Underway

Kayla and I at the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. The first big stop on our epic road trip.

Kayla and I at the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. The first big stop on our epic road trip.


  • I’m stoked about the excitement over the AI Airplane video I posted last month

  • I’ve been on vacation for 2 weeks, taking a refreshing break

  • I’ll going to the AI Summit in San Francisco this week

  • After SF, I’ll be working hard on the Udemy course

Plane Excitement


Honestly, I'm blown away by the positive response to the ML-Agents Airplanes. I definitely thought the project was cool, but now I know I'm not the only one. So many of you reached out with comments and messages! I am honored to have a LOT of new followers on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Clearly there are a lot of people that want to learn about using AI in Unity, AI flight in particular. I'll do my best to deliver more great learning content to all of you who are following along!

My video was re-shared by some of the Unity engineers working on ML-Agents too. They've since told me they consider me a "power user". It's so great to get such nice feedback from both the community and the creators. None of this would be possible without the amazing work done by the folks at Unity.

Roadtrip Completed

Kayla and I have been gone the last two weeks on an epic American roadtrip to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. We drove about 3,700 miles (6,000 km) from Austin Texas to: El Paso Texas, White Sands National Monument, Sedona Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Arches National Park, Monument Valley, and Santa Fe New Mexico. If you haven't visited the American Southwest, it is truly breathtaking. We slept in a tent all but two of the nights. It was a much needed break with intermittent internet connectivity, so obviously I wasn't creating any new content or obsessing over social media.

I picked a few of my favorite pictures to share above. I didn’t edit them at all (beyond whatever iPhone does to them automatically). Major rock inspiration!

AI Summit in San Francisco

I've got one more trip between me and throwing all of my spare time at this course (don’t forget I have a full time job at GM) and that is the AI Summit in San Francisco this week, September 25-26, 2019. I'll be flying there for a few days for the conference (as an attendee, not a speaker) and I've also been invited to visit the Unity HQ office while I'm there. Very excited about that!

Course Work

I started working on the Unity ML-Agent Flight Udemy course before my vacation. When I get back from San Francisco later this week, I'm going to be working hard to get this course done and released as soon as possible. For those of you who don't know, Kayla provides a lot of support behind the scenes, doing all video and sound editing, and helping me plan and work through my never-ending stream of ideas. Without her, I'd have trouble finishing anything! We'll continue to post updates along the way. Be patient because we need to balance speed and quality. Current target is to release by November 2019.

In the mean-time I’ve released a Blender Low Poly Airplane Tutorial on YouTube, which will be included in the course!